Smile Again

October 04, 2006


We didn't even know Trail of Dead had new shit coming down the pipeline until new shit appeared in the mail last week. It's a new full length called So Divided, it comes out November 14th, and we'll tell you more once we've gotten a chance to listen to it. Also: we would scan the art from the liner notes, but the art is so bad we can't bear to look at it. Some kind of awful video game stills type of situation. That said, the best thing about TOD - seriously, our number one favorite thing - is that they never, ever do everything right. They are imperfect, unpredictable and too ambitious to ever succeed totally 100% completely. When you're the type of band that always tries to shoot the moon, you're never gonna hit it, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. And oh yeah - we also like the fact that you might get a floor tom through your skull at any given TOD show. Anyway, the tracklist is after the jump.

1. Intro: A Song of Fire and Wine [Ed. Note: not sure if that's supposed to say "Fire and Wind"?]

2. Stand in Silence

3. Wasted State of Mind

4. Naked Sun

5. Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory

6. So Divided

7. Life

8. Eight Day Hell

9. Witches Web

10. Segue: In the Realms of the Unreal

11. Sunken Dreams

Posted: October 04, 2006
Smile Again