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It’s Settled

December 21, 2006

Omar of the Mars Volta photo from F28 by B+

A week or two ago we were bandying a bunch of hoo-hah about in regards to this The Best Live Band On Earth thing, whether or not it was, in fact, fair to just go ahead and give the title to My Morning Jacket. A couple notable write-in votes came in though, and we thought we should make mention. Somebody said the White Stripes. While we think "Jolene" on that White Stripes DVD is pretty fucking unbearably unstoppable, and that there is nothing on Earth like Jack & Meg live, we're not sure that they are the Best Live Band On Earth. Unfortunately "Wu Tang Clan At Webster" is not a live band, nor is "Comets On Fire at the Knit," although both shows sound pretty fucking awesome. Don McKenzie wrote in to nominate Kudu, and while only one of us saw a Kudu show this year (which is kinna fucked up on our part), we DID see D from Kudu play with the Mars Volta, who may well be the Best Live Band On Earth. Can you imagine having to replace Jon Theodore though? That's like The Worst Job On Earth. But D held it down. Anyway, being objective about shit that's crazily subjective isn't really our bag, but it's been real - thanks to everyone who wrote in.

Posted: December 21, 2006
It’s Settled