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1 Hope

January 02, 2007

Though over vacation we rented a good share of mediocre to sporadically hilarious comedies, we did manage to get our rear in gear a couple of times and actually make it to a movie theater. The best thing we saw was the spectacular Children of Men. Not only does our Film Issue cover star Chiwetel Ejiofor give a strong performance, but director Alfonso Cuarón is on point with basically every aspect of the film, including the music selection: Roots Manuva, King Crimson, Jarvis Cocker, Donovan, the Libertines, Warrior Queen, John Lennon, Franco Battiato covering the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Deep Purple, the Kills...woo-wee! Also the Pink Floyd visual reference is a nice touch too.

PS We know it has been out for a couple weeks, but it's totally weird that they use Devendra Banhart's "Insect Eyes" for the teaser trailer of The Hills Have Eyes 2, right?

Posted: January 02, 2007
1 Hope