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Girls On Film

January 03, 2007

2007 is going to be the year of synergy, for sure. We were just talking about how Spielberg lifted 3 movies (at least!) from Marcus Raboy's video for Luscious Jackson's 1996 jam, "Naked Eye," when an announcement for LJ's upcoming greatest hits comp, creatively titled Luscious Jackson: Greatest Hits, magically appears in our inbox. And then we look at the playlist, which includes "Love Is Here" from A Life Less Ordinary, and it's like, Ewan MacGregor was way better in that than the Star Wars movies that all the nerds wanted Spielberg to direct, and maybe Danny Boyle should have directed that last Star Wars stinker and had Darth shoot smack when Padme died instead of going, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" But then, that's the best part of any of the new Star Warses, so what do we know? Marcus Raboy, meanwhile, directed Friday After Next which was not good at all, but co-starred Katt Williams who is the Mace Windu of comedy rap (Mace Windu, of course, being the real luscious Jackson. We should get a bong for the office.). Luscious Jackson: Greatest Hits comes out on February 20th, check the tracklist after the jump.

Luscious Jackson: Greatest Hits

1. Naked Eye

2. Under Your Skin

3. Citysong

4. Deep Shag

5. Ladyfingers

6. Christine

7. Let Yourself Get Down

8. Why Do I Lie?

9. Nervous Breakdown

10. Strong Man

11. Beloved

12. Friends

13. Love Is Here (from A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack)

14. 69 Année Érotique (from Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing benefit album)

15. Here

16. Ladyfingers (Kutmasta Kurt remix)

17. Naked Eye (Tony Mangurian remix)

18. Why Do I Lie? (Pants On Fire remix)

19. Nervous Breakdown (Thievery Corporation remix)

Posted: January 03, 2007
Girls On Film