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Koch Hogg Outpost

January 09, 2007


Since the world's smallest country is finally for sale we thought we'd reach out to our dude Slim Thug, the man who once said, "My estate sit on top of the lake– It feels great." It's like, Slim, this is your chance right here, man. You're financially solvent. You have a great broker. The country in question is literally an estate built on top of a body of water! Not only that, but this so-called Sealand is actually two gigantic concrete bunker towers in the middle of the North Sea, and thus, a perfect metaphor for your rhyme style: hard and just as hard right next to it, sometimes very icy and preferably holding guns. And if you got the same good deal for your Boss Hogg Outlawz' (pictured above) album, Serve & Collect, as Jim Jones supposedly got for his random Dipset projects, then you can cop Sealand, no probs. So call your broker, and get it done. We'll even give you a couple weeks after the Outlawz release on February 27th to erect the FADER Hut near the beach. Oh, and call it Slimford-Stayvesant or something. Sealand is beyond stupid.

Posted: January 09, 2007
Koch Hogg Outpost