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P’s & Q’s

January 18, 2007


Straight from the mind of Kano: "Myspace is crack I swear, it's addictive." We're glad you think so, Kane. Otherwise, we'd have to call random East London dudes to cop his new freestyle,
"Fuckin' Wid The Team." Instead, we (and you) can download it for free right here. Also hot off the presses from the Kanoblog is news of his forthcoming, nameless mixtape with further freestyling over Clipse and Skepta tracks, among others, the nearly-finished new album, his spot in the Def Jam Icons game and his barbecueing prowess. While you were sleeping, we posted a clip of Kane's track, "Buss It Up," back in September, and, along with this new stuff, we're pretty excited to hear what dude comes up with next.

Posted: January 18, 2007
P’s & Q’s