Massive Nights

January 22, 2007

Last week we offered you some backstage reportage of Spank Rock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but we also did some more late night talk show infiltration via an operative who was with the Hold Steady when they played the Late Show With David Letterman on the 11th of January. After the jump check out more photos and our dude's breakdown of how that all went.

So the first thing you do when you play the Late Show is load in all your gear at 8AM. Its on 53rd & Broadway so there’s a lot of tourists and whatnot.

After you load in you go into the green room. It's in the basement next to some of the control rooms and sound booths. They have some snacks and a TV and some cool pictures on the wall.

While you wait, you take pleasure in world news...

...and you hang out with the band.

At around 4PM is rehearsal—camera blocking, sound, etc.

Then you head upstairs the dressing room and...BOOYA! free sandwiches & drinks.

When you look out the dressing room window you can see all the paparazzi. They were hanging around waiting for the other guests on the show. Madonna (Who’s That Girl) and Julianne Moore (The Lost World: Jurassic Park). From six floors up all you could hear was screaming and all you could see was bodies flooding the street. People still really like Madonna, we worked out that she’s 48 years old.

After playing you have a smoke, go to the Hi-Fi for a drink, and watch the show with the bar!

Posted: January 22, 2007
Massive Nights