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Coping With Anger

January 23, 2007

Getting coffee this morning, we were stuck behind this goof going on and on about the "truculent defiance" of David Lynch's later work. And it was like, dude, you should homebrew. Not really sure what truculent means, but defiance is technically Kenneth Anger's game. Released today by
Fantoma, The Films of Kenneth Anger: Volume One presents five of his early films for the first time on DVD, and that shot above is just the tip of the Anger iceberg. Along with his wildly experimental, deeply personal short films. he also flayed celebrities with two editions of his Hollywood Babylon scandal revelations, the third of which he's constantly threatening to unleash, and replaced soundtracker Jimmy Page with a guy from the Manson Family. In short, mad truculent.

Posted: January 23, 2007
Coping With Anger