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Hot Flashes

February 01, 2007


Dude of the awesome furry hats Ta'raach recently slayed our issue 43 release party in LA so thoroughly that we shut down shop when he was done. Luckily, his new album Fevers with The Lovelution came out this week (buy it here or from iTunes here), so we can relive (relove?) the evening over and over. Ta'raach has a voice hollowed and bottomed-out from the shitty air in Erie, Detroit and LA– all towns he's called home–but he writes exclusively uplifting songs, all self-produced, some performed by his lovely and talented friends in the Lovelution (it's a movement!). The songs on Fevers meander from the rumbling anti-hater rap of "Big Bang Theory" to the twinkling daydream of "Liberation's Lullaby" and back to the clap-a-thon jams of "Service," all with the steady, heavy heartbeat of Ta'raach's kick drum. We can get with any album that sounds like life, touched by pain and sadness, but sustained with love and joy. Okay, enough emoting already. Let's get to the jams!

Posted: February 01, 2007
Hot Flashes