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Crazy Love

February 13, 2007


Barring a last-minute Jaheim @ Newark Symphony Hall announcement (a la February 14th, 2006), this Valentine's Day we recommend you go see our homie LD Beghtol and his latest group The New Criticism. LD&TNC are performing as part of a Sweetheart Day (aka Wear Red And Try To Get Laid Day) celebration at Tonic that they've appropriately deemed "L'amour Fou." Expect a ukelele or two, probably a left field cover song (he's good at those) and, of course, Beghtol's relentlessly dark and heartbroken humor, so sad you can't laugh— or so sad you can only laugh: I saw you play last Thursday/ Through that awful soundguy/ I bought you a drink at the bar/ Or maybe two or three or four/ Said, 'Hey! What are you doing/ For the rest of my life?'/ Then you passed out on the floor/ I had to walk home

Posted: February 13, 2007
Crazy Love