New York Monday Night Mind Fry Jump Off

March 05, 2007

Fig. I

Last night we were handed a flyer for a new Monday night party at 205 that said "Joshua Wildman should be there" on it (see Fig. I). But photographer Joshua Wildman has a Monday night DJ night called HUGS at Lit with artist and chief Boykin Andrew Kuo. There's also apparently a night that Mike Fellows has at the Beatrice Inn on Mondays. What we're saying is that yes, it's Monday night, yes, you should be getting some rest, but no, it's not possible because there's a fucking ton of music to drink to. The flyer for 205's new Operation Radication night (Fig II - Brian Degraw from Gang Gang Dance, Taka who played our Issue 42 release party, Marcus from Rockers, Matt Damhave) is after the jump (lots of dhall, few guitars) along with the latest from team HUGS (Fig III). Maybe we will get to Mike Fellows' night next week or something, and never get any sleep ever.

Fig. II

Fig. III

Posted: March 05, 2007
New York Monday Night Mind Fry Jump Off