March Is Schnipper Month: H

March 12, 2007

Rejunenated by a weekend of rolfing and master cleansing, we bring you the next installment of Schnipper Month, aka the webcentric home of FADER contributor Matthew Schnipper's installation of Schnipper's A-Z in the window of the Apartment on Crosby Street in New York. Today's entry is H, and you can find it after the jump.

Hardrive, Deep Inside 12”

I bought a nice blue sweater at Barney’s and wore it to a Polish dance club. I saw my friend Vivian there and we yelled hello while Deep Inside played loud. She told me I always looked good, like I just came from a lecture.

Letter H podcast: His Hero Is Gone, Epidemic

Posted: March 12, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: H