March Is Schnipper Month: K and L

March 16, 2007

Dear Matthew Schnipper, we are sorry for missing a day of your month, but we are making it up to you today with K and L, karing and loving, after the jump.

Kraftwerk, Radio Activity LP

I shop for music a lot, see Kraftwerk records every day, but never got around to owning any. I've definitely heard Kraftwerk and definitely like Kraftwerk, but I am stubborn and felt like I was doing something principled by not bringing the Germans into my home. Annoyed, my friend bought me this record recently. I’ve never listened to it.

Letter K podcast: Kanye West, Spaceship

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz, Get Low 12”

Here, an excerpt from a paper I wrote in college about this song and its video:

Ferdinand de Saussure argued that all language acts like a set of arbitrary signs, one word coordinating to one tangible thing. I believe that Lil Jon’s songs act like a more complex version of this. His song “Get Low,” is a signifier first for Lil Jon the personality. This involves not only the music and sound of the song, but all of the aspects that go into creating an entertainer. The publicity given to Lil Jon is of a party lifestyle. For example, every time he is in public, Lil Jon carries and drinks from a goblet. It’s a huge gold bejeweled goblet, that I am sure we are meant to assume has alcohol in it. It is a fixture. (Occasionally, he has a silver scepter as well.) On his website, Lil Jon over fifty pages of photographs (at least four photos per page) of him and his friends all in different forms of partying. The photos look cheap, like anyone could have taken them. They are uncropped and occasionally out of focus. They are all of Lil Jon and his (male) friends and all with large groups of women in tight clothing with a lot of alcohol. Lil Jon’s music videos aren’t particularly stylized, either, so much as those photos in motion; large groups of people dancing hard and sweaty, close-ups on the performers yelling, the goblet. His teeth have diamonds in them (on his website they have animated sparkle). He has just announced he will be endorsing a line of pornography films. His public life is completely unreal, operates as a myth, completely unobtainable, even by him....Lil Jon, I believe, is an idea created through images, a kind of new language itself.

Letter L podcast: Lumidee, Never Leave You

Posted: March 16, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: K and L