March Is Schnipper Month: P

March 22, 2007


Holler at a Schnip named Perseverance! Thanks to the Gothamist for the link in today's Pencil This In for Schnipper's A-Z installation at the Apartment on Crosby Street and Matthew's accompanying posts right here. With renewed spirit we sail on into the horizon with the letter P after the jump.

Palmieri, Eddie, The Music Man LP

During my birthday party the fat man with the beady eyes that sits outside of my apartment pushed my roommate. He pushed him down five or six stairs, into the arms of guests holding drinks, into the arms of those surprised. This is the fat man with the tiny little eyes who never says anything, even as we greet his friends. He sits, perches, eternally waits on the railing, stirring disdain from the old ladies next door. This fat man, swathed in XXXL, his giant gut unlike anything familiar, argued with Brian, my roommate, about keeping our gate open, keeping our gate closed until Brian, a bit drunk, a bit proud, argued back and the fat man pushed him. There were immediate words, denials and provocations, but they stopped quickly and the fat man has been clammed since. One nice friend of the fat man tried to broker an apology. Just tell him there’re no hard feelings, he told Brian. But there are, so nothing happens and when I walk home the fat man doesn’t say anything, turns his ear towards the car idling with windows down, parked in the bus lane, playing shitty salsa, like this record. And first I hated trumpet, then I hated bongos and now I just hate Puerto Rico.

Letter P podcast: Pigbag, Sunny Day

Posted: March 22, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: P