Ed Banger Tour Blog: Day 5

March 26, 2007

The FADER presents the Ed Banger Tour Blog of The FADER/Puma presents The Ed Banger Tour, Day Four:

We're back after this weekend break.
Let's go back to Friday afternoon in Miami.
As promised, the STONES THROW party was dope. DJ MEHDI rocked it twice, early smooth set around
and dancefloor madness at 8pm. Me, I was sharing Pina Coladas with Jeff Jank and the Stones Throw
squad. Same day, next stop : JUSTICE, DJ MEHDI, CHROMEO & STRETCH ARMSTRONG played for the annual Triple Five Soul x Urban Outfitters in store thing. Always weird to DJ front of 20 people, most of them thinking "music is way to loud bastards! Let me buy my penis pasta and some fake vintage tees." Before our party at Studio A, we had to stick together, like a family, and go back to our roots...
I am talking about our Floridian pilgrim at HOOTERS! YEAH we did it again! Nasty food, sexy
and the usual pictures with a bimbo who look like a 3-D poster. The ED BANGER RECORDS parties in Miami and San Francisco were as insane as I could imagine. Cute girls invading the stage, Nerds making gang signs, sound engineer hating French ass holes (we play all in the RED, so what?), Swaggers breakdancing
on the new Soulwax remix of Klaxons, have a look.
Our friend BOYS NOIZE killed it at the Miami show, he is German but we still love him.

I love Pharrell & Nigo, but I have to say that Jacob the Jeweler is so 2001. Here I introduce you
Pedro the Baller,
welcome in 2012.

Torontoans and Montrealers, you still have time to email us for a chance to see the Ed Banger crew when they roll through your city this week! Get to it and check the party photos after the jump.

Justice, So Me, Mehdi at Urban Outfitters not eating penis pasta

Busy P at a restaurant

Boys Noize

Miami crowd at Studio A

The A-Team at Mezzanine in SF, wanna fight with us bitch?

SF crowd kicks ass

Posted: March 26, 2007
Ed Banger Tour Blog: Day 5