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Friday Mailbag: Ed Banger Edition

March 26, 2007

We know it's not Friday, but we had to wait for this young Ed Banger fan's situation to resolve itself before sharing with you:


Hey i'm a huge fan and unfortunatly i'm only 16 (making me incapable of attending the show @ Studio A) but right now I am in the process of making a fake ID just to see you guys. I wouldn't miss this show for the world because the crew doesn't make it here too often...and now that you're finally going to be here...I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't make it. From what i've seen and heard EDREC throws some sick, raging parties. So I saw the bulletin on MySpace and decided to check out the blog - where I then found out you guys are giving away some tickets. Hook a chica up? Either way, i'll be there somehow...haha...



PS - Please don't notify the authorities...

We did no such thing. As a matter of fact, we appreciated Lucy's spirit so much that we sent her a copy of the limited edition Ed Banger vinyl 12" more of which we'll be giving away very soon. To see if Lucy thwarted the fuzz and made it into the show, check after the jump.

Thank you so much for trying at least. But you're right there was no budging with those guys whatsoever - me and 2 of my friends were standing out there for 3 hours. The people at the front said the DJs were going to come through there, so we waited to see if maybe they could get us in. Busy P showed up with Gaspard and we told him what was happening and he asked them if we could be on their guestlist. Still no go. He did give us some merch though, and just meeting everyone was really cool. I just wish our society wasn't so capitalist so we could have had a chance of getting in.

Posted: March 26, 2007
Friday Mailbag: Ed Banger Edition