March Is Schnipper Month: Q and R

March 26, 2007


March may be Schnipper Month, but this week is really, truly Schnipper Week as we bring you double the pleasure double the fun each and every day to close out Matthew's time here on the FADERnets. That also means you should make a point to hussle down the Apartment on Crosby Street while Schnipper's A-Z is still on display. After the jump, what some might call a very angular Q and R.

Q and Not U, Power LP

Chris of Q and Not U and I went to George Bush’s second inauguration to protest. Chris wore a suit to show them he was serious, but I was so cold, so I wore the enormous coat my mother and sister bought me from some fisherman’s supply company. I felt so self-conscious wearing it - it was a size small but huge and of the worst quality material ever, just gigantic with a huge furry hood that buried my face. That was the last time I wore it because later some eleven-year-old called me gay and I was like “yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Letter Q podcast: Q and not U, Wonderful People

Rapture, Olio 12”

In New York with my friend Jacob we saw his former band mate, a current Rapture member. There was weird lighting and his sweatshirt looked so bright white. Later, Caroline said he just smelled so good, like laundry.

Letter R podcast: Russell, Arthur, Calling Out of Context

Posted: March 26, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: Q and R