March Is Schnipper Month: W and X

March 29, 2007

On this eve of the end of Schnipper Month FADER contributor and Apartment on Crosby Street window installation haver Matt Schnipper gives us his thoughts on World Music, xylophones and the laissez-faire enforcement of Straight Edge.

Wreckshop Family, Power Up 12”

I worked for Putumayo World Music , a company that did a lot of business with Whole Foods. In February, Ray, my boss, and I went to Rockville, Maryland to present at their annual regional meeting. We were scheduled for thirty minutes and Ray refused to plan our talk, thinking they were all hippies and we could wing it. He was wrong. All the managers were seated in a U, listening as we talked about Brazilian Lounge and displays for children’s music. One ratty haired woman yelled at me for not coming to her store in suburban Virginia to fix her listening station’s power cord. I told her I would come the next day but that was a lie. We passed out the free CDs, people got excited. I was wearing blue high-tops and made jokes, arched my eyebrows and switched my weight. Later, driving down the Rockville Pike to the metro we listened to a CD of Houston rap. I told him I liked this song because of the xylophone sounds. He said, “Next trip, all we’re listening to is Grand Funk Railroad and Supertramp.”

Letter W podcast: Wreckshop Family, Power Up

XrectifyX, XrectifyX 7”

A couple of years ago I broke my edge at home by myself. I poured a glass of orange juice and then decided, thoroughly calm after a nice homemade Ethiopian dinner, that some alcohol might be nice. I added a bit of my roommate’s vodka and drank it. It didn’t do anything. I didn’t drink again for weeks, and when I did it was again at home alone. When I finally got the courage to tell people they didn’t really care and only one person bought me a drink to celebrate.

Letter X podcast: XrectifyX, Our Virtues

Posted: March 29, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: W and X