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Friday Mailbag: Head Bangers

March 30, 2007

I just saw Ed Banger crew in Vancouver 4 days ago. I danced near the dj setup for 3 hours straight even though I was dying of thirst and needed to use the ladies room. Kids kept pushing from behind me, beside me, just really everywhere and tried to takeover my spot but I stood my ground. I'm also a tiny 5'3", 110 pound asian girl. So when Busy P started waving around the vinyls there was ridiculous amounts of pushing and shoving.. but I still kept at it. I waved my arms around and jumped up and down like an idiot and I swear he glanced over and was about to hand me a record until this 6 foot, a billion inches tall guy with 5 pounds of hair (please see picture) just comes out of nowhere and reaches up and picks it out from Busy P's hands.
So really, I'm not sure if this is a request for for the Ed Banger 12" promo, or a rant on how I'm now on the lookout for a 6'a billion" tall man with 5 pounds of hair so I can tell him that his Ed Banger record should really belong to me. Ok, no.. it's both.



Alyssa, this is not a classroom - despite the appearance of letter-jacketed bullies, you gotta do more than raise your hand if you want something. We'll send you an Ed Banger record this once, but next time point to the sky, wait for him to look up, smash balls, grab vinyl and mash out. If you want an Ed Rec 12" send an email and we might send you one too.

Posted: March 30, 2007
Friday Mailbag: Head Bangers