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March Is Schnipper Month: Y and Z

March 30, 2007


Well folks, this is it, the triumphant end to Schnipper Month and the end of the daily contributions from our friend Matthew Schnipper. If you've missed any or all of Matt's posts just click on the Schnipper tag, seek out his zine Schnipper's A-Z or stop by the Apartment on Crosby Street where his window installation will be up through Sunday. They're all worth your valuable time. We'd like to thank Matt for letting us put this stuff up here and also tell him he has a relaxing speaking voice. See you around, man! Next month: April on the FADER!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Y Control 12”

Though I own and enjoy this record I still like to feel like I am cooler than other people who like it, too.

Letter Y podcast: Yaphet Kotto, Second Square

Zapp, More Bounce to the Ounce 12”

Walking down the street I saw a decrepit man with his shirt open and shiny silver boots. I recognized him and wondered why, and then realized I bought this record from him for thirty dollars at a bar.

Letter Z podcast: Zvuki Mu, The Source of Infection

Posted: March 30, 2007
March Is Schnipper Month: Y and Z