Friday Mailbag: Make Your Own Headline

April 03, 2007

A dude with 20 cocks wrote us an email about his love for Ed Banger… here it is:

The Fader!

I am the proud owner of about 20 cocks in training to be cockfighters. My family has raised cocks for many generations and we are well known on my island for our cockfighters. I live in Australia and only get to see my family and our cocks once a year, I normally make the trip in December so I can go there for our village's fiesta, when all my family are home and when the year's most lucrative cockfights are held. This year, however, I went in January due to my cousin coming home for the first time in 4 years from working on ships. I thus missed Australia's Big Day Out festival, with Diplo, Bonde do Role, pase rock and Justice and Busy P, and all said acts sideshows. Needless to say when i first heard the lineup for the festival i was close to cancelling the trip, but i couldn't do it. Whilst in the Philippines i recieved many emails from friends telling me how much of a good time they were having at all these amazing concerts, i told them how some of my cocks had won me some money and that my three mother pigs had all had babies and i would get good money for them (we also own a small pigery). Now everyone tells me how much they love justice and busy p and all the rest, and i say i love them too, i have both waters of nazareth 12"s and the cd single and the mehdi album. And they say but i saw them and it was awesome and i can't say anything. If i had one of their supercool promo 12" perhaps i'd have a better comeback....



ps. i tried to attach a video of the cocks practicing fighting but it wouldn't work, attached is a photo of the practice.

We have no way to verify Emlyn's claims of cockmastery or pig midwifing, but we appreciate the effort and will send him an Ed Banger 12" (…) along with some other good stuff. If you think you can do better than this, please send us an email.

Posted: April 03, 2007
Friday Mailbag: Make Your Own Headline