Party Alerty: Gary Panter! And Other People!

April 18, 2007

This just in from the Department of Folks We Ride For Unconditionally: our homies at PictureBox (the folks behind such masterworks as the Wilco Book and the PaperRad tome BJ and Da Dogs), will be having a jam tonight at one of the only hardcore spots for all things experimental, Issue Project Room in Carroll Gardens, BK (throw your Jandek hands up high!!!). Tonight's festivities feature vocal/guitar stylings from legendary artist
Gary Panter
, with help from artist/musician/funnyman
Devin Flynn
. Other highlights on the bill include artist Matthew Thurber, "creating 19th century versions of multi-media performances with masks, scrolls, and a small guitar" (what more could you ask for?) and Vancoonerian filmmaker Amy Lockhart, who will be screening some short films. After we pick up Mack Mittens and Ratatat, we are totes hopping on the F train and heading over to this shit.

Posted: April 18, 2007
Party Alerty: Gary Panter! And Other People!