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Audio: R. Kelly f. Huey, “Hook It Up”

May 22, 2007

"Hook It Up" is ostensibly a song in which Kells asks his buddy to ask his girl to introduce Kells to her girfriend/sister/cousin but only if she looks like her, acts like her, etc. which is really awesome because Kells is actually saying Kells wants to hook up with Kells' buddy's girlfriend. It's the same kind of multi-layered meaning that had us asking whether he meant "I'm a flirt" or "I'ma flirt" a couple months ago. Keep us guessing Kells! Meanwhile, Kanye's some dude's beat is crazier than an episode of
RKellyTV. Double Up is out May 29th (stream it now).

Posted: May 22, 2007
Audio: R. Kelly f. Huey, “Hook It Up”