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Video: Yola Getting Greater

May 31, 2007


A couple months ago when Yola Da Great was
shot in the face early on a Sunday morning, we wondered if it might be, at the least, the premature end to a promising career. Then Yola started
getting better, but we didn't know exactly what that meant. Apparently, it meant talking shit through his trach hole and laughing and smiling a lot as this first episode of his recovery series shows. We're not saying we like certain dudes more than others, but clearly we appreciate Yola's
attitude and unflappable spirit after getting SHOT IN THE FUCKING FACE AND NOT FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES. If you're easily queasy don't watch, but otherwise, this is one of the craziest videos we've stumbled upon.

Posted: May 31, 2007
Video: Yola Getting Greater