Who’s Got My Extra: Andy Cabic of Vetiver

June 11, 2007

Sadly we weren't able to include the misty water-colored memories of Andy Cabic, the central dude of San Francisco's Vetiver, in the grand Jerry Garcia feature of our current issue, but thankfully internet has unlimited space for content! That's why it's the internet and that's why the internet is awesome.

In high school I was comfortable with every kind of group of people. I had friends who were way into the Dead and Phish and groups like that. I wasn’t ever really able to click with them fully because I was always way more into studio records than the live stuff. I went to a concert once, but I never went in. I just sort of hung out in the parking lot. I was always on the periphery of everything. I had friends who were into punk rock, but I was never punk enough to be punk rock. I was never Dead enough to be a Deadhead. But I had all the records, and I loved the records.

[Garcia] is someone I listened to when I was listening to everything, trying to figure out what I liked. Now I listen to his solo records probably more than I listen to the Dead. I love the way he re-arranged those songs, like “The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game,” doing these arrangements with horns and backing singer. One thing I’ve always dug about him is that he comes from that line of ’60s rock musicians who started with bluegrass backgrounds, like Chris Darrow and Chris Hillman. I got a banjo a year or two ago. I wanted to get some lessons in clawhammer because I had no idea how to play it. I wound up looking up a teacher who lived a few blocks from me, this guy Jody Stecher who played with Jerry, he may have even gone to high school with him. They played in one of their first bands together, the Asphalt Mountain Jungle Boys. Jody has been a Bay Area fixture forever, someone who is really carrying on a tradition and has seen all these people rise to stardom. If I’m carrying on any tradition it’s a reverence for songwriters or songs.

Posted: June 11, 2007
Who’s Got My Extra: Andy Cabic of Vetiver