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June 15, 2007

Remember that old movie plot where innocent schoolgirls become sadistic murderesses by watching some sort of satanic movie (or uhm whatever it is that happens in The Ring)? Yeah well our buddies over at Uniqlo have just unleashed something they like to call the UNIQLOCK, which is basically an online clock/movie featuring hourly-changing dance visuals and background music courtesy of Japan’s

Fantastic Plastic Machine that will not only help you tell the time in Tokyo but also drive you fucking crazy. We started watching this thing at approximately 00:20:45 Tokyo time and by 00:46:16 we had come very close to setting an empty box of Munchkins on fire. By 00:52:22 we had actually eaten the “Buy You a Drank” CD single and by 01:03:56 we were running around the office with an Icky Thump promotional tee tied around our neck, begging someone to end it all.

Posted: June 15, 2007