Peanut Butter Wolf vs. Los Angeles, Day 7

June 19, 2007

From the man himself:

It's been a real interesting seven nights. THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH TO EVERYONE in LA that came out. The support was phenomenal. This was the most fun I've ever had DJing.

Setlist for the last night of PBW vs. LA after the jump. Thank you, Peanut Butter!

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Day 7

Star Shoes

Deep Funk

1. Gene Chandler-“Rainbow ‘65” (Constellation)

2. Mad Dog & The Pups-“Hip Squeeze” (Magic City)

3. The United Image-“The African Bump” (Branding Iron)

4. Dennis Coffey-“Whole Lotta Love” (Sussex)

5. Elephants Memory-“Skyscraper Commando (Metromedia)

6. James K-Nine-Live It Up (Federal)

7. The Village Soul Choir-The Sissy Football (Abbott)

8. Patrizia & Jimmy-“Trust Your Child” (Laff)

9. Benny Sharp & The Sharpies-“Music I Like It”

10. Cindy & The Playmates-“Now That School Is
Through” (Jay Pee)

11. 4th Generation-“Revolution Phase II” (Teen Town)

12. The Kay-Gees-“Who’s The Man” (Gang Records) 1974

13. The Chamber Of Commerce-“I’m Free To Live” (DCA)

14. Mutt And Jeffo-“Soul L-O-V-E-R” (Jerry-O)

15. The Village Callers-“Hector” (Rampart)

16. The Madd Rachett-“Get It” (Sure Shot)

17. St Augustine-“Papa De Love (Sound Way) 1970

18. Maceo And The Macks-“Soul Power ’74 (People) 1973

19. James Brown-“Soul Power” (King)

20. Burgess Gardner & The Soul Crusaders-“Do It”
(More Soul)

21. General Crook-“Gimmie Some” (Down To Earth)

22. The Revolution- “Part 2 The Siesta Is Over (M &

23. Tom Jones-“Out My Window re-edit” (Breakbeats)

24. Silent Leroy-“Part 1” (Kom-A-Day) 1975

25. Mod Singers & Mod Lads-“Let’s Have Some Fun”

26. Curtis Mayfield-“Future Shock” (Curtom) 1973

27. The Chubukos-“Boogie The Devil In” (Mainstream)

28. Bobby Williams-“Funky Superfly” (MTVH) 1974

29. Funkadelic-“Better By The Pound” (Westbound)

30. Little Royal and the Swingmasters-“Razor Blade”
(Tri-Us) 1972

31. Quad-“Funky Love Song” (Leo Mini) 1975

32. The Esquires-“Get On Up ‘76” (Ju-Par) 1976

33. Freddie Watson And The Restorators-“The Unlucky
Seven” (Eloys)

34. Muro-“A Head Of The Game pt. 2” (Muro) 2000

35. Chuck Ray-“I Go For Love” (Five-O)

36. The Co-Real Artists-“What About You” (Jordan)

37. Fela Ransom Kuti-“Shakara Oloje” (Editions
Makossa) 1974

38. Yambu-“Sunny” (Montuno) 1975

39. The Moments-“Hurts On Me, Baby” (Stang)

40. Gentlemen & Their Ladies-“Party Bump Pt 2” (Jean)

41. The Broken Keys-“Slingshot pt 2” (Tru Thoughts)

42. Ben and the Goodies-“Manzara” (Tell Him)

43. Juan Pablo Torres-“Malaguena” (Arito)

44. Juan Formell-“A Ver Que Sale” (Arito)

45. Kashmere Stage Band-“Super Strut” (Now Again)

46. Scotty-“Clean Race” (Crystal)

47. Harrell & Sharron Lucky-“The Body Clap” (Stones
Throw) 2001

48. Watts Little Angel Band-“Land Of A 1000 Dances”

Posted: June 19, 2007
Peanut Butter Wolf vs. Los Angeles, Day 7