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Tabi Bonney on MTV

July 18, 2007


If you're near a television at 9:30 this morning make sure to switch over to MTV to see Tabi Bonney on Sucker Free. We'll put Tabi's alert after the jump, and if you need a refresher on who he is, download Issue 44 and read Nick Barat's profile on DC rap, listen to Tabi's "Lunchin'" here, and of course purchase his album A Fly Guy's Theme at your favorite record purchasing location.

Be sure to tune in to MTV tomorrow to catch me on the regular MTV channel
for the Sucker Free Coverage.
I will be interviewed by Paul Wall and then he introduces my video.

The shows will air at 9:30am on MTV on Wednesday and Thursday, July 18th
&19th. I am either on both segments or either/or.

If you miss the first airing of the shows in the morning, they will air
again at various times. The Wednesday show repeats on MTV Jams on
Thursday (July19th ) at 12pm, 8pm, and 4am. The Thursday show repeats on
Jams on Friday at the same times.

Don't miss it!

Posted: July 18, 2007
Tabi Bonney on MTV