Live: Seaside Suicide Deathport

July 31, 2007

Last Friday we skipped the Simpsons movie premiere and took the secret
tunnel down to South Street Seaport for some free zombie punk jams, courtesy of the Death Set and Suicide. Kids with dramatic looks arrived early, and Richard Fearless from
Death in Vegas
provided gothic warm-up tunes. Taking the stage first and hailing from "Baltimore, Australia," the
Death Set
unleashed sample-crazy drum machine speed punk. In the course of fifteen minutes, we got shredding, "Push It," crowd surfing, screaming, short shorts, a silver tooth and songs named after
Baltimore Club Kingz
. A good rock was had by all, and then it got dark.
Alan Vega
Martin Rev
of Suicide made a special visit from the post-apocalyptic future. Apparently, Batman is a deity, the Virgin Mary is a superhero, and everyone is alternately assigned a Ché beret or motorcycle rave goggles. Amidst the shuffling, ranting and keyboard-punching, they managed to bring back some of the drone and hopeless social claustrophobia that made their 1977 debut so special. Good times!

Bear witness to two generations of undead punks after the jump, and check out the rest of the Seaport Music Festival schedule
(Two words: Battles/Deerhunter).

Posted: July 31, 2007
Live: Seaside Suicide Deathport