SHAM! Man vs. Lumpy Mattress

July 31, 2007

What?! No! The news that our favorite pee-drinking, elephant
dung-eating nature boy is nothing but the Anthony Bourdain of survival
has left us questioning man’s supposed superiority over the wild. If we
can’t trust the Discovery Channel, who can we trust? Huh? We at
The FADER hate to break it to you, but Bear Grylls, host of the
spectacular Man vs. Wild, is nothing but a POSH WANKER who SLEPT IN
MOTELS when he was pretending to build forts out of sticks and leaves.
What shocking news is going to come out next. Is his name really not
Bear Grylls? Unbelievable.

Posted: July 31, 2007
SHAM! Man vs. Lumpy Mattress