Trend Alert: Dancehall Barbie

August 02, 2007

Somewhere between the nose job and the fake boobs, Lil Kim stopped bleeping on our style radar (alas). The ghost of awesome Kimmy past has been resurfacing everywhere in hot and heady moments of Patricia Field-esque homage, a trend Cedric labels "Dancehall culture meets ballet school Barbie meets Sex and the City."
Here's his full trend breakdown:
I ran into this beautiful brown bombshell on Ludlow one warm Friday evening—some key trends in her look:

(1) Head to toe Patricia Fields moment i.e. dress/shoes

(2) Strategic use of color i.e. yellow, hot pink & turquoise mixed

    against a modern black and white palette.

(3) Empire waist dress w/ tulle galore.

(4) Sassy attitude and confidence to pull of the look.

I absolutely love the nod to Carrie Bradshaw from old episodes of Sex and the City, revived through color. She definitely is Sarah Jessica Jackson!

Posted: August 02, 2007
Trend Alert: Dancehall Barbie