Second Coffee Poetry at Café Swizz

August 15, 2007

We don't have any money in the bank. We walk around acting all stank. What can we say, it's Wednesday.

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It’s Showtime

She ain’t got no money in the bank (no)

She be walkin round acting all stank (no)


And now she at the party lookin at me

(I told you the Swizz album crazy)

Hoping she could get saved by me

I’m looking at her like

I ain’t tryna save that girl (no sir)

I ain’t tryna save that girl (no sir)

I ain’t tryna save that girl (no sir)

She got her hand out but I ain’t tryna pay that girl

Now what ya’ll wanna do

Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers

Give her your number I bet she gonna call ya

Come on dog she want you to spoil her

Christian Dior and them new Fendi bags

Anything that’s good cause it’s better than she had

She sitting at the bar when she looking so sad

Talking bout I wanna ride in your jag

I wanna ride to your house

I said easy chick I fly to my house

I live so far I think I live down south

Why don’t you pull it out my pants

Put it in put put it in ya put it ya . . .

I see ya

You got your good shoes on and your good dress on

I mean you got your best on

You sittin in the back drinking Veuve and Clicquot

Your rose ain’t lethal

You know how we do

Before them bottles came you wasn’t f------ with my n-----

My homies say what’s up you saying nothing to my n-----

Come on girlfriend why you frontin for my n-----

When coming to paper it’s nothing for my n-----

Don’t you know we got that money in the bank (I repeat)

Don’t you know we got that money in the bank

Man you ain’t getting nothing from me or my bank

You better get your own (get out my face fool)

Good bye

It started off soft and warm

Don’t get excited I’ve been invited to the quiet storm

Now it’s outta hand cause she told me she hate me

And she said what the hell I done lately

First she said all she want is love and affection

Let me be your angel and I’ll be your protection

Took her out bought her all kinds of things

But it wasn’t enough so this the song I sing

Cause she broke

Let’s go

No sir, hey , hey , hey (2x’s)


No sir, hey , hey, hey (repeat until fade)

Posted: August 15, 2007
Second Coffee Poetry at Café Swizz