Snoop Freeform Lunchables at Café Swizz

August 17, 2007

Too much structure in those Swizzy riffs for Snoop. He's like Ginsburg to Swizz's Corso. Or something. We read that shit on Wikipedia, dogs.

(sound of phone dialing)

Please enter your password

(sound of phone dialing)

You have two unheard messages

First unheard message


Chillin in my beamer listening to Ether

It’s Snoop Dogg n----, I’m back in America cuz

This f------ video is retarded cuz, you know who it is, it’s me b------

Shit retarded n----, the remix stupid with Lil Wayne and R. Kelly

I’m back cuz, I need some heat cuz

Whatever you need, I need

From you, you need from me

Let’s get down to business my n----

I’m back home, I’m available

You could send me some sh-- whatever it don’t matter

Snoop Dogg your nephew is back on the block

9 (sound of beep)

Holla n----

Posted: August 17, 2007
Snoop Freeform Lunchables at Café Swizz