Washington: Freaking Ladyhawk and Free Whiskey

August 23, 2007

Video by Joe Angerone

We haven't talked about the bros in Ladyhawk in a while, so here's a good reason: they are playing two shows this week with a band called WHALE BONES (boneface) and THERE WILL BE FREE WHISKEY INVOLVED. So watch the above video of the Lady dudes playing "My Old Jacknife" at our spot in Texas this year, and then imagine being totally wasterfied and in the leafy green state of Washington. From what we hear you can't go half a block without puking next to a beautiful meadow up there. Details:

August 24th

Chop Suey, Seattle
w/Whale Bones & others


August 25th

The Back Porch Cafe, Anacortes
w/Whale Bones

Posted: August 23, 2007
Washington: Freaking Ladyhawk and Free Whiskey