Live: Deerhunter and Battles Vs. Our Very Minds

September 04, 2007

Last Friday we took a long walk off a short dock to catch
, the last in a series of free and excellent shows at South Street Seaport. Deerhunter's guitarist Colin "Mee-first" left the band a couple of days before the show, so lead singer and tall glass of water Bradford Cox donned a strapped shredder himself. The band's Ambien(t) pysch rock delivered weird vibes galore, tambourine-smashing crescendos, and moments of late afternoon zen triumph. Battles did what they do best: hit their instruments really hard, throw giant sounds across the stage, and feed everything through tiny metal boxes with demons inside. Things were pretty hellish in the photo pit, so we slinked upstairs to grab a mall beer and stared out at hundreds of people singing all the mouth sounds in "Atlas." The band kept playing brand new jams, but we got mesmerized by two cargo-shorted dudes dancing "the 311." We didn't get their picture, but there are photos of guys making crazy sounds after the jump.

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Posted: September 04, 2007
Live: Deerhunter and Battles Vs. Our Very Minds