Breaking: MTV Video Music Awards

September 10, 2007

Image courtesy of FADER Light & Magic

While other sites live blogged last night's VMAs, we freeloaded our way into those shits. Seated in the second level of The Pearl (what is this, Lost?) at the Palms we took in the show and only took two pictures (including one of the sushi lollipops they were passing around) before we were told there was no photography allowed inside. What we saw was probably pretty similar to what you saw, but here are some "in the seats" observations:

• Britney's performance in person didn't seem really bad, just really boring.

• Chris Brown's performance in person actually did seem pretty amazing.

• Mark Ronson did a good job and was kind of the unsung hero of a lost war.

• Every day we learn to dislike Jamie Foxx even more.

• We saw Paulie Shore exit a bathroom stall looking nervous.

• In the crush leaving the casino we heard some girls gossiping that, contrary to popular and widely-reported opinion, it wasn't Kid Rock and Tommy Lee who got in a fight, but rather Kid Rock and Criss Angel, and that "Criss Angel started it all." Maybe since the disappearance of Angel and Britney Spears supposed collaboration, this was Angel's great illusion of the night.

• We haven't watched the playback yet, so we don't know if you can hear it, but right before Dre (pictured above) gave out the Best Video Award, we screamed, "Justice!" Yeah, we were talking about those French dudes, but it might as well have been a plea for better results.

Posted: September 10, 2007
Breaking: MTV Video Music Awards