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Live: Kanye West in Las Vegas

September 10, 2007

Kanye trying to ignore Jamie Foxx, like the rest of us

Obviously MTV made a mistake when they booked Britney and not Kanye to open the VMAs this year. We all knew that. And Mr West especially knew that. At a small, private show late on Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, West ripped the station for their decision during an extended freestyle on the tail end of "Can't Tell Me Nothing," and considering that he was in the middle of ripping the shit out of what was essentially an industry gig, it's hard not to imagine what he would have cooked up had he gotten the opening gig. (Maybe really would have been like Vegas on acid, seen through Yves Saint Laurent glasses.) West's set consisted of all of his past singles (except "Diamonds") and the thrilla of the night was when he brought out T-Pain for "Good Life" (that shit is going to be a monster on New Year's Eve!), "Buy U A Drank," and "Bartender." Jamie Foxx also hit the stage for "Gold Digger" and requisite, uncontrollable blabbing, but we wished he'd just brought out T-Pain again.

Posted: September 10, 2007
Live: Kanye West in Las Vegas