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Freeload: Sightings, “Perforated”

September 13, 2007

Brooklyn band Sightings has, for five years, made a good name for itself by destroying peoples ability to hear. Previous albums largely sound like someone sawing a car in half with a rusty chainsaw, but for new album Through the Panama (on Load Records just in time for Halloween), a knight in white armor also known as Andrew W(hite) K(night) intercedes on behalf of Jammingshire. This first song off Panama still fully shreds but also has rhythm and a respect for your eardrums, if only slight. Take thee a free tracketh below, and watch out for dudes when they hit the road in October.

Download: Sightings, "Perforated" (right click, save as)

Posted: September 13, 2007
Freeload: Sightings, “Perforated”