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Dollars To Pounds: Dub Be Good To Me

October 10, 2007

Toddla T

I’m about to do a three-point turn when my driving instructor says, a propos of not much: “You write about music, have you heard that Carbon/Silicon album? I was just curious because I used to hang around with Mick Jones.” Which is a bit of a juicy tidbit to drop nonchalantly into conversation as I’m trying to execute a tricky maneuver. It turns out that Tony, the man teaching me how to safely navigate the thoroughfares of West Norwood used to play drums for Basement 5, a band whose importance he tried to play down, but who were actually a significant rivet on the late ’70s punk-dub axis. They once featured Don Letts on vocals, supported PiL at their first London show and their only LP 1965-1980 was produced by Martin Hannett (and as such stands up pretty well, if you can find a copy on Ebay).

Posted: October 10, 2007
Dollars To Pounds: Dub Be Good To Me