Art Baselically

December 12, 2007

Last week Art Basel exploded all over Miami, and once again, it was a balloon/fashionoid/art star/hipster/music jams jumpoff extravaganza. Read about our adventures with giant containers of food and hotel art after the jump.

Domino Magazine was nice enough to have people over to the Rubell Family Collection space in the Design District of Miami on Thursday for a breakfast.
Right at the entry we were reminded of how everything during Art Basel is super arty—you can't even have a breakfast without getting weird with it. Fortunately, their take was actually kinda cool. Check the enormous heaping piles of hard boiled eggs, bacon, croissants and jams.

My hotel, The Sagamore designated itself as "The Art Hotel". They had some pretty great stuff on display: lots of Spencer Tunicks in the lobby, a work by a girl's name I didn't catch and more. On Saturday that girl was there, working on the piece. It was a simple reminder of what goes into these works, which was very distant during the whole "parties/rich people/nice cars/champagne" Art Basel thing.

Scion had an event at the Penthouse of the Raleigh Hotel on Friday. There was a somewhat usual crowd of suspects, both featured in the show and at the party. The balloons on the deck were pretty cool though.

I stopped by the Visionaire booth at the Art Guest Lounge at the convention center to pick up my passes for the party, and the Sound Issue was on display. It's a set of records, all painted by famous art-ers like Cindy Sherman and Ryan McGinley, then there's a little car that actually drives around the vinyl and plays the content. It was even cooler than it sounds. Unfortunately. the party wasn't nearly as cool. Lots of drama at the velvet rope, lots of "reserved tables," $35 for two drinks, one of them non-alcoholic....oh and a DJ playing such new hits as "House of Jealous Lovers" and "We are Your Friends."

The best party by far was the Nike/ANP/Nada party with Gang Gang Dance and White Williams. Aaron Rose, Brendan Fowler and Ed Templeton from ANP were all in the house, as were Aaron's Nike Vintage inspired boxes of art. The food was good, all of the drinks were free, lots of NYC and LA friends and family were there and FADER faves Gang Gang headlined.

Posted: December 12, 2007
Art Baselically