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FADER TV: Tyvek Interview

January 28, 2008

Isn't it weird how old people are always rattling on about the great American car or about how things were before that pesky Toyota Camry arrived and Detroit started pumping out crap instead of muscle? While the Camry may be an affordable, even at times enjoyable ride (it's hard to argue with those numbers), the idea that nothing but garbage is coming out of Detroit is just total poppycock. Case in point: the fine men of Tyvek, mangy garage blasters, FADER favorites and, after another weekend of shows on either side of the East River, conquerors of New York. We took in their late show at Cake Shop on Friday night (pics after the jump) and it's a real wonder the place didn't catch fire, because dudes sounded dangerous. We're talking Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner getting out of serious pickles time and time again in Romancing the Stone dangerous. They banged and yodeled their way through a set of jams pulled from seven-inches past and future, the latter something we can't be more excited to hear again soon. Stay tuned to What's Your Rupture? for those.

Incidentally, we also had Detroit filmmaker and friend of Tyvek, Joe Casey record his sit down with the dudes recently and here's what he sent us. Curiously, Dr. Teets is not present, but that's the magic of crappy internet television.

Posted: January 28, 2008
FADER TV: Tyvek Interview