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Freeload: Electrelane, “To The East”

April 04, 2008

This song is more than a year old. We know that. But after reading this and subsequently watching the video here we went, What is that song? and then we remembered. Indefinite hiatus is a bummer. But we would not have time for listening to any new Electrelane songs because we are indefinitely listening to the twenty seconds between two-minutes-and-three-seconds in to two-minutes-and-23-seconds in. That is when it sounds like there is going to be another chorus but instead they go into another verse, carried through with a tinkering hi-hat ride: I'm living in Gda?sk/ there's a train, you'd be here soon/ there's a life for me and you. It's a nice moment.

Download: Electrelane, "To The East" (right click, save as)

Posted: April 04, 2008
Freeload: Electrelane, “To The East”