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Freeload: Free Kitten, “Seasick”

April 28, 2008

When the announcement of a new Free Kitten album came over the wire, half of the FADER office got really excited because they love cats, and the other half got really excited because they fondly remembered the year they did not see Free Kitten at Lollapalooza in 1993 (chicken pox). And then, when the ignorant half found out that it was a band consisting of Kim Gordon, Julie Cafritz and Yoshimi, they got excited for non-cat reasons and we all formed a circle and danced. Such is youth. Ecstatic Peace just sent over the first song off Free Kitten's forthcoming Inherit and it recalls and rekindles much of why we love each of its members individually while giving us another reason to love them as a whole. Plus, maybe they will play Lollapalooza again and we can go this time, barring a mono epidemic or something.

Download: Free Kitten, "Seasick"

Posted: April 28, 2008
Freeload: Free Kitten, “Seasick”