Freeload: Post War Years, “You And Me Both”

May 06, 2008

England remains a constant source of entertainment for the FADER staff. From "Cockney Boy" to terms like "chav" and "jammy bastard" to our very own wildly entertaining style editor Chioma Nnadi (source of said terms), THIS COUNTRY NEVER STOPS GIVING. And it's with this in mind that we are now enjoying another import from Leamington Spa known as the Post War Years. "You And Me Both" is the b-side to their new Chess Club single "Black Morning" and we are giving it constant rewind presently. It's sort of a mix of prog and rave and jazz. Doesn't that sound awesome? No it is.
You can pre-order the "Black Morning" single from Rough Trade and watch the video here.

Download: Post War Years, "You And Me Both"

Posted: May 06, 2008
Freeload: Post War Years, “You And Me Both”