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Freeload: Icy Demons, “Spywatchers”

May 29, 2008

We're gonna go on a limb and say it: We miss Need New Body. In this (unfortunately) post NNB world we live in, Icy Demons and Man Man are still here, and, can we be honest and say that sometimes Man Man just isn't doing it for us in the pure neon tanktop not good/good just a little drugs but only the good kind way that NNB did? So, fortunately for us, the sometimes coming together of Icy Demons (Bablicon, dudes!) has come together to make a jazzdance seesaw of which we have a new song to offer you. "Spywatchers" pounces surfed out and swaying, sandbags, kazoos and hum-buzz. Icy Demons live in palm trees, oases, Cape Cod in the winter when it's lonely but calm, barber shops that are cheap, in that weird mask store where you grew up that smelled like cats, in the chest your grama keeps with immigrant magic stored since the early teens. Sea air and confetti, crystal balls and pretty puppies. (Ed. They also have an album coming out on Obey Your Brain on July 15th)

Download: Icy Demons, "Spywatchers"

Posted: May 29, 2008
Freeload: Icy Demons, “Spywatchers”