Freeload: Buffalo Killers, “Let It Ride” + “Get Together Now”

July 28, 2008

Sometimes we hear music that looks like it was hatched from a 1993 Nirvana egg and sounds like it spent some time mowing Jerry Garcia's lawn before going on tour with the Black Crowes and recording an album with one of the guys from The Black Keys. Except for the Nirvana Egg and the lawn mowing (which we made up) Buffalo Killers make that music. They're well worn—treading a path of plodding bass and fuzzy guitars that we've been down many, many, many times before, and their harmonies are recognizable from we don't know where but somewhere familiar. We'll spare you any more comparisons to other bands, because you'll come to those conclusions real quickly yourself, but sometimes you hear a song and it's fun to listen to and that's all.

Download: Buffalo Killers, "Let It Ride"

Download: Buffalo Killers, "Get Together Now"(both songs via RCRD LBL)

Posted: July 28, 2008
Freeload: Buffalo Killers, “Let It Ride” + “Get Together Now”