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Freeload: Nudge’s Dublab Podcast

August 04, 2008

Here's a little insight into today: we drank too much coffee. This isn't necessarily out of the ordinary, but when you realize that you basically drank a 40 oz. worth of coffee, shit gets weird. Besides downing water, we've been playing this live Dublab podcast of Brian Foote aka Nudge's calming, ambient and flute-laden set. Although improvised, the set follows the same basic map as the one that Foote played while opening up for Stars of the Lid on their most recent tour, and it's kinda long, which means we can put it on and lay down and nap away the coffee jitters.

Download: Nudge's Dublab Podcast

Posted: August 04, 2008
Freeload: Nudge’s Dublab Podcast