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Freeload: Simon Bookish, “Dumb Terminal”

August 07, 2008

All we knew of Simon Bookish before today was that he'd contributed the flutey "Prince of Wales" to David Shrigley's Worried Noodles comp. And then we were sent this new song "Dumb Terminal" off of Bookish's upcoming album Everything/Everything and yelled at people in the hallway that he was second coming of David Bowie. And then we listened to the rest of his album and realized that that was a bit of an inaccurate overstatement, and yet, if you are into strange, arch, particularly English singing, intricate song structures and saxophone workouts, Bookish is probably going to sound like your nerd god (press release namechecks Philip Glass, Bertholt Brecht and St Etienne). Or as someone in the office put it "a spookier, prog-ier, Mr Bungle-air-conditioned-nightmare". MR BUNGLE!

Download: Simon Bookish, "Dumb Terminal"

Posted: August 07, 2008
Freeload: Simon Bookish, “Dumb Terminal”