Style Q+A: Sabrina Dehoff

August 26, 2008

Sabrina Dehoff designs shiny metallic trinkets, sculpting sausage dogs and feathery peacocks into three-dimensional shapes. Her “Mepaired YOUnited” Fall 2008 lookbook was shot in a bizzaro party land where normal looking people mingle with mysterious models wearing her jewelry. We caught up with the Berlin based designer to find out what exactly that was all about.

How did you get started?

I studied fashion women's wear at the Royal College of Art in London and then went to Paris to work for Guy Laroche and Lanvin as a women's wear designer. I mainly designed clothes but I had a soft spot for embroidery and detailing. Later on, when I went back to Berlin and had my own company, I started to experiment with jewelry on the side until I decided to try it out as label. My interest in jewelry comes from my love for the small things and attention to detail. I have more freedom and fewer boundaries in designing jewelry than with clothes, with each season I can experiment using new materials and combinations and I can create my own world around it.

What inspired you for this season's designs?

This season's "MEpaired YOUnited" was more of an abstract idea. I played with different ideas of unification using different symbols and techniques for ways of crossing, meeting, pairing and so on. I looked at railway and motorway junctions, ones that were exciting to me, until I found the perfect one. Really, in the end it's all about love.

What’s new for next season?

Next season's theme is nature. I'm a complete city girl but I have this strong longing for nature. I tried all different ways of working with wood and found some nice ways of combining it with other materials and forms. Also, for next season I experimented with dresses and scarves in silk, creating a nature inspired print with my muse, a super hero named the "NatureSaver."

What was the concept behind your Fall '08 lookbook?

The catalogue was shot at the collection's launch party at Bar1000 in Berlin. The styling was done with my best friend, designer Karsten Fielitz, and the make-up was developed with our friend and make-up artist Servullo Mendez Rey. We designed the dresses and some accessories as well, like belts and hairpieces. I wanted to create this live atmosphere of people having a good time but I wanted the models to look like extraterrestrials amongst the crowd, extremely tall and kind of artificial. They wore specially made jewelry in this extra extra large version. I wanted them to look kind of glam, like Gena Rowlands in Women Under the Influence meets Faye Dunaway in Eyes of Laura Mars. You know, like they just jumped out of a movie.

Posted: August 26, 2008
Style Q+A: Sabrina Dehoff