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Style Icons: Woody Allen’s Women

August 28, 2008

There’s a certain spark in Woody Allen’s tautological banter and peacocking neuroses that has kept us glued to his films ever since we were kids. Learning both the hilarity of sex and the tragedy of relationships, we’ve been introduced to a range of good and bad over the years. One of his most redemptive qualities is his knack for casting stylish, beautiful female leads to balance his emotional and physical shortcomings. Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall set the framework for an entire genre of tom-boy chic, sporting Ralph Lauren Americana and a floppy hat. But she's not the only Allen leading lady to inspire our choice of dress.

We’d only be scratching the surface if we stopped at Diane Keaton. What about Mia Farrow’s grandma frump in Hannah and Her Sisters, or Meryl Streep’s cold elegance in Manhattan? There’s Angelica Houston’s sultry mistress look in Crimes and Misdemeanors and Judy Davis’ uptight silhouettes in Husbands and Wives. Each actress translates a character stylistically, delving deeper with a defining look that becomes quintessentially Allen. Which makes us ask, was it Allen that made these women iconic through his characters or were they predisposed to carry out the Allen aesthetic? Probably a little bit a both, but we're not trying to mush our brains over this. Woody Allen has always had peculiar taste.

Posted: August 28, 2008
Style Icons: Woody Allen’s Women